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Character Emails

Add A Character

If you fill out the form, the info will be sent to me, and I'll post it on this page.

You are :
Your Profession is :
Name (First and Last please:) :

Feel free to submit all of your characters. Also let me know when you become a Lord or Lady. :)


Anchisies Pendracone : Empath
Atmavidya DeRuler : Wizard
Chromic Mercanous : Ranger
Darmac : Wizard
Dassin D'Lordin : Rogue
Deathbandit Attig : Rogue
Derrinn Penthelton' : Sorceror
Desmonique Dshar : Sorceror
Durathain Torraliln : Warrior
Efilo Existent
Eoll Daeronaha : Rogue
Ezycual Pyfurre : Sorceror
Faethon IyceHart : Wizard
Gaeryt Mythrus : Wizard
Gungading Turkup : Ranger
Jylia Luvley : Rogue
Jyzel Elvsquins : Cleric
Imbriem MistSea : Rogue
Karelena Lesala : Wizard
Kelshin HellWarf : Ranger
Kiloruss Valy : Sorceror
Lewser Therkin : Wizard
Luthgar Thoig : Ranger
Marndon Ardensdale : Warrior
Meguas Castgrey : Ranger
Mithrilcove Garnethunter : Rogue
Moinar Deamonslicer
Nytige Iyvayr : Sorceror
Pariocan Roheshema : Warrior
Raaksha Soodertool : Sorceror
Robink Scarlate : Warrior
Rolyatuus Cameeron : Cleric
Saschka War'Angel : Warrior
Sephirotad Naetars : Bard
Ziddar McDenggar
Zoddious Halfdead : Warrior


Alarinn Lorethain : Wizard
Alexeiv Cheldrya : Warrior
Briars Jeakers : Sorceror
Cadsreel Kydaro : Unknown
Curthiues Blessenhous : Cleric
Dolaiemo Apib : Sorceror
Lemaruis Kirchartt
Luttiano Draghelm
Mihelich Oberius : Rogue
Porcell Cappo : Rogue
Rosck Kelgoth : Warrior
Shadowbaron Grosset : Rogue
Thendios Xinion : Ranger
Thrann Do'arven : Rogue
Tombor Wolviskinner : Rogue
Zodier Sassler : Cleric


Alixi Cheysu : Empath
Breannaa de Arcy
Jypsie Calbot : Empath
Jypta Angeliqan : Sorceror
Melindeth AleLove : Warrior
Osyra Skalinia : Ranger
Rubyjoy Capulets : Wizard
Semana Mayler : Empath

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