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al'Phoenix's Lore.

Arcadia of Elanthia

Amerlise's Chambers

Bel's BBB

GS3 III Professions Page

House of Brigatta

Jypsie's Elanthian Library

Katrinia's Web Page

Klickzaph's GS3 Links

Lady Breannaa de Arcy

Lady Galadriel's GemStone III Warrior Pages.

Lord Frescalus's Gemstone III Archives

Lord Isengarder's Page of GS3 Thingiesr

Lord Kiloruss's GemStone III Dragons Lair

Lady Kailah's Warrior Pages

Lascivia's Lair

Lord Morandas' Mausoleum - Welcome!

Lord Mustafo's Rogue Pages

Lord Terraton's Stronghold

Mageman's GemStone III Page

Mike's GSIII Keep

Rassputan's Statistical Gemstone 3 Page

Robink's Gemstone 3 Castle in the Sky

Shrine of Leya

The Aspis Garden

The Coven

The Elanthian Bestiary

The Elanthian Registry

The Gemstone Exchange!

'The GemStone III Pawn Shoppe (auctions and sales of items)

The Mad Prince of Denmark

The Shrine of Knowledge

The Unofficial GemStone III Site

Weapons of War in Elanthia

Zepath's Den

Non-Gemstone Related websites

Mihelich's BMX Page

MP3 Nexus

Neil's RPG page

Netcomics (manga site)

PJarzemsky's Dragon Ball Z Page

The Warriors of Sun

VINCO Online Games

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