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The design of this game will be slightly different than most in that the player will not have to choose a profession right off the bat. Instead, there exist various guilds across the map from which players may learn skills. These guilds are listed to the right.

Elementalists -Casts spells involving the four primal elements. Each player has a randomly selected element with which he/she is best with.

Dark Mages - Specialize in spells of pain and illusion. A Dark Mage is an expert tormentor. Men are strongest in pain spells, women strongest in illusion spells.

Clerics - Devout practitioners of the healing arts (Farel). This profession allows players to gain experience through non-violent means. They can heal themselves and others, can 'unheal' monsters, and may be able to resurrect fallen comrades.

Warrior - The basic weapon-wielding, violence-inflicting, no-magic, terror-inspiring killer. Great initial boost for hunting with weapons, can choose from a variety of weapons, and little to no magic is involved.

Thief - A player of stealth, a thief is an expert at picking locks, sneaking, back-stabbing (assasination via thieves guild), and of course, theivery. Can pick locks, be unnoticed, steal money on a person's body, steal items on a person's body, be an assasin. Little to no magic, except for magically locked locks. Everyone's suspicious of you >8).

Tradesman - Can create and sell goods (i.e. weaponsmith, armorer, charms-seller, etc…). Good way to gain experience and money. Has role-playing advantages too. Goods made by a master armorer far surpass the quality of those from NPC's at the same or less cost. Can make goods for yourself and sell them.

Warrior Guild
Elementalist Guild
Dark Mage Guild
Cleric Guild
Thief Guild
Druid Guild
Bard Guild

Blacksmithing Guild
Carpentry Guild
Brewing Guild
Ceramics Guild
Tailoring Guild
Farming Guild
Herbalist Guild
Cooking Guild
Fletching Guild
Scribe Guild
Sailing Guild