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Walkaer (11:51:19 AM): =-O I just had the weirdest dream.
Walkaer (11:51:23 AM): I walked up to someone's house, knocked on the door....stuck my finger in my pocket at forced him to give me the keys to his car at "gunpoint". I also stole a doll from him. The next day I painted the doll on a billboard and returned the man's keys plus $1000. oh yeah...I was also an LA cop at the time...? what?
amlevy47 (11:51:47 AM): wow...
amlevy47 (11:51:59 AM): you didn't know the guy?
Walkaer (11:52:04 AM): nope
amlevy47 (11:52:11 AM): what did the dol look like?
Walkaer (11:52:16 AM): though I think he might have been Carl from Family Matters.
amlevy47 (11:52:20 AM): lol
amlevy47 (11:52:22 AM): okay..
Walkaer (11:52:29 AM): it was a nutcracker.
amlevy47 (11:52:38 AM): hmm
amlevy47 (11:52:40 AM): big or small?
amlevy47 (11:52:48 AM): and how big did you p[aint it on the billboard?
Walkaer (11:52:58 AM): it was normal size ... but I painted it lifesize on the board.
amlevy47 (11:53:00 AM): sorry, hope yu don't mind me sking questions...
Walkaer (11:53:44 AM): nah man, that's alright
amlevy47 (11:54:00 AM): how did you paint the doll? i mean, with brushes, obviosuly, but...
Walkaer (11:55:00 AM): hm...
amlevy47 (11:55:04 AM): was it exactly as it appeared?
Walkaer (11:55:19 AM): I guess I just assumed that I did it. in fact it seemed to have been done with airbrushes.
amlevy47 (11:55:43 AM): but it was an impressionistic blowup of the doll?
Walkaer (11:55:51 AM): nope. it didn't even look like the doll. it was painted in drab colors and looked like a person only bald and featureless.
amlevy47 (11:56:02 AM): ahh
amlevy47 (11:56:22 AM): that's interesting, you know
amlevy47 (11:56:37 AM): and you were a cop at the time?
Walkaer (11:56:59 AM): well actually I was the character from Kung Fu: the legend continues...Peter.
amlevy47 (11:57:10 AM): ah, okay
Walkaer (11:57:11 AM): and just before that, I was Tom Paris from Voyager.
amlevy47 (11:57:13 AM): a detective
amlevy47 (11:57:20 AM): lol
amlevy47 (11:57:20 AM): okay
amlevy47 (11:57:31 AM): when did you switch personas?
Walkaer (11:57:36 AM): you see...I didn't need the car -- I drove up to the house...and walked up to the door..
Walkaer (11:57:46 AM): as I got to the house of the man.
amlevy47 (11:57:59 AM): well, yes, but you were doing this as a statement to the world, and needed anonymity
amlevy47 (11:58:27 AM): which is why you took his car and switched faces
amlevy47 (11:59:10 AM): are you finding that your world is not as perfect as you thought?
Walkaer (11:59:39 AM): I was talking to a red-head...but she acted like seven of nine...when I was Tom Paris...we were discussing the rules of dating and I was relating a funny story about an ex-girlfriend of mine and flowers (neither of which really happened to me) and then we drove up to a house...then moved and went to the black guy's house.
Walkaer (11:59:48 AM): she wanted to take his car...and I complied.
Walkaer (11:59:56 AM): I wasn't happy about it at all.
amlevy47 (11:59:58 AM): ahhh
amlevy47 (12:00:02 PM): i see
amlevy47 (12:00:06 PM): so the plot thickens..
Walkaer (12:00:32 PM): During the whole thing I was uncomfortable.
amlevy47 (12:00:45 PM): did you recognize the redhead?
amlevy47 (12:00:50 PM): i mean, besides being on voyager?
Walkaer (12:01:19 PM): I'm trying to remember...
Walkaer (12:01:31 PM): I want to say Caroline from Caroline in the city.
Walkaer (12:01:37 PM): but that's....not quite righ.
Walkaer (12:01:39 PM): *right.
amlevy47 (12:01:45 PM): so no one personal, then
amlevy47 (12:01:53 PM): hehe
amlevy47 (12:01:58 PM): watching a lot of TV, man?
amlevy47 (12:02:00 PM): ;-)
Walkaer (12:02:06 PM): =-O I hadn't even thought of that.
Walkaer (12:02:21 PM): my ex is a red head
amlevy47 (12:02:31 PM): ah
Walkaer (12:02:33 PM): . . .but I don't think it was her at all.
amlevy47 (12:02:36 PM): okay
amlevy47 (12:02:52 PM): but it's close enough to make assumptions, just like you did a second ago
Walkaer (12:02:59 PM): heh
amlevy47 (12:03:27 PM): so it's sort of ironic that you were relating a story of a past girl, even though if she was your ex she would know it, wouldn't she"?
Walkaer (12:03:53 PM): lol I guess so. but the story never happened. that particular story belonged to Tom Paris.
amlevy47 (12:04:03 PM): and this is all subjjective, so pleas ecorect me if you think i'm going in the wrong direction
amlevy47 (12:04:12 PM): okay
amlevy47 (12:04:36 PM): fine, so it's a different situation with a different person, but for some reason it's ironic that she has red hair
amlevy47 (12:04:50 PM): how much TV do you watch a day?
Walkaer (12:05:01 PM): not much at all. Usually I don't watch any.
amlevy47 (12:05:14 PM): when was the last Voyager episode you saw?
Walkaer (12:05:35 PM): hm...Friday night? Tom Paris wasn't in it though.
Walkaer (12:05:44 PM): at least ... not in the 5 min. that I saw.
amlevy47 (12:05:49 PM): lol
amlevy47 (12:05:50 PM): okay
amlevy47 (12:06:12 PM): alright, so maybe in order to deal with the weirdness of the dream, it was easier to think of it as a TV show
amlevy47 (12:06:33 PM): and be objective about what was happening
amlevy47 (12:06:44 PM): so did she come with you to the billboard?
Walkaer (12:06:59 PM): nah, she disappeared after I stole the car.
amlevy47 (12:07:07 PM): hmm
Walkaer (12:07:13 PM): oh--she drove away in the mercedes that we drove up in..
Walkaer (12:07:20 PM): it was my mom's car.
amlevy47 (12:07:20 PM): ah, ok
amlevy47 (12:07:24 PM): lol
amlevy47 (12:07:24 PM): right
amlevy47 (12:07:27 PM): the comfort of home
Walkaer (12:07:40 PM): heh
amlevy47 (12:07:49 PM): how long have you been at college now?
Walkaer (12:07:54 PM): wait...the man wasn't black -- he was indian.
amlevy47 (12:08:09 PM): okay
Walkaer (12:09:08 PM): he emailed me as I was painting the doll (on a laptop) and told me he was happy with me...and if there was anything else he could do to let him know...this was before the $1000 which I meant to give him, but never did...cause I woke up.
Walkaer (12:09:31 PM): apparently the painting had been in a newspaper article and he called/emailed b/c of it.
Walkaer (12:09:39 PM): my brother had told him to read the article.
amlevy47 (12:09:43 PM): huh
Walkaer (12:09:53 PM): only I was halfway done painting it, and the article was about it being fully done.
amlevy47 (12:10:11 PM): so did you give him his car back?
Walkaer (12:10:24 PM): didn't get a chance to -- my alarm clock went off.
amlevy47 (12:10:29 PM): ah, ok
amlevy47 (12:10:32 PM): so it wasn't done then
Walkaer (12:10:52 PM): though I very well intended to. the thought of stealing the guy's car made me sick to my stomach.
amlevy47 (12:10:52 PM): the dream, i mean
Walkaer (12:10:59 PM): right.
amlevy47 (12:11:19 PM): did you feel better after he emailed you?
Walkaer (12:11:58 PM): reassured that at least he didn't hate me, but still guilty about my crime. though I mostly blamed Caroline, I think -- though I'd forgotten about her by that time.
amlevy47 (12:12:30 PM): why did you blame her?
Walkaer (12:12:32 PM): during the robbery the man seemed resigned to his fate. Even though I kept reassuring him that I'd bring it back -- and that this wasn't like any other car robbery...
Walkaer (12:13:00 PM): he just gave me the keys, and went to the ground face down with his hands on his head.
Walkaer (12:13:06 PM): though I told him to do nothing of the sort!
Walkaer (12:13:19 PM): or rather, I didn't tell him to do it.
amlevy47 (12:13:21 PM): ooh, yeah, that wouldn't make me feel good either
Walkaer (12:13:44 PM): his wife was huge and fat, but didn't know what was going on until I was getting in the car. she seemed confused...
Walkaer (12:14:02 PM): and then angry as I backed away.
Walkaer (12:14:08 PM): she could have sat on the car and crushed it.
amlevy47 (12:14:15 PM): lol
amlevy47 (12:14:22 PM): what kind of car?
Walkaer (12:14:31 PM): the Camry
amlevy47 (12:14:40 PM): okay
amlevy47 (12:14:50 PM): and did you go into the house to get the doll?
Walkaer (12:15:08 PM): no. I never asked him for the doll. it just kind of appeared afterwards.
amlevy47 (12:15:19 PM): where?
Walkaer (12:15:21 PM): when I got to the billboard.
amlevy47 (12:15:23 PM): in the car?
amlevy47 (12:15:25 PM): okay
amlevy47 (12:15:36 PM): so it wasn't really connected to the man's car
Walkaer (12:15:43 PM): no, not really.
Walkaer (12:15:54 PM): I think I was trying to alleviate my feelings of guilt or something.
amlevy47 (12:16:17 PM): well, in a way it's a very sweet (and surreal) tale of your first time away from home.
Walkaer (12:16:20 PM): I was looking for an insurance company...and I found the billboard for it. I went up to it and the doll was painted.
Walkaer (12:16:40 PM): how so?
amlevy47 (12:16:56 PM): mom (or ex) comes up and drops you off, tells you to do something that makes you uneasy, but you do it anyway
amlevy47 (12:17:40 PM): you go and do something that makes the man happy, and then have every intention of returning the car and rewarding the man
amlevy47 (12:18:14 PM): the car is a symbol of travel, in pretty much any dream
amlevy47 (12:18:51 PM): but it can be emotional or mental travel, too, as in growth personally
amlevy47 (12:19:26 PM): i could probably equate the doll to college, and finding out that it's not all bright colors and perfection
amlevy47 (12:19:48 PM): also, the fact that it was connected to the insurance is interesting
amlevy47 (12:20:14 PM): especially now, with the attacks last week
amlevy47 (12:20:38 PM): school is insurance for a job, insurance against going to war, insurance against ignorance, if you really wnat to get philosophical
Walkaer (12:21:26 PM): ( gotta go brush my teeth, but please go on, this is really interesting!)
amlevy47 (12:21:29 PM): lol
amlevy47 (12:21:30 PM): k
amlevy47 (12:22:09 PM): now, you said you assumed you painted the doll on the board, and that the indian man was happy with you for doing that...
amlevy47 (12:22:46 PM): when you come back, i'll ask you how school is going for you, classes and such
amlevy47 (12:23:11 PM): praise from a complete stranger is rare, in most cases
amlevy47 (12:23:59 PM): especially one whom you think you treated poorly
amlevy47 (12:25:31 PM): but you did good by it, even though what you had to do was unsavory
amlevy47 (12:26:24 PM): so in fact it's a very positive dream, even though i would agree with it's surreal quality
amlevy47 (12:26:40 PM): our brains are wired very strangely sometimes
amlevy47 (12:27:34 PM): i'm sure there's quite a bit of detail that i'm missing, but that's the gist of it
amlevy47 (12:28:32 PM): it's a very cool dream that you had, i'm glad you were able to remember the amount of detail for me
amlevy47 (12:28:39 PM): oh, one last question
amlevy47 (12:28:48 PM): was it in black and white or color?
amlevy47 (12:29:08 PM): or, actually, i think i remember you saying something about colors
amlevy47 (12:29:24 PM): in which case, can you remember if the dream was bright or dull?
Walkaer (12:31:35 PM): both
amlevy47 (12:31:48 PM): which parts?
Walkaer (12:31:51 PM): during the drive to the first house, it was sunny
Walkaer (12:32:06 PM): but then during the robbery it was night and very cold. I think it was snowing
Walkaer (12:32:23 PM): and then I was painting the billboard during the day the next day in the afternooon
Walkaer (12:32:25 PM): so sunny again.
amlevy47 (12:32:30 PM): heh
amlevy47 (12:32:42 PM): it's amazing how our brains equate themselves, isn't it?
amlevy47 (12:33:03 PM): so how's school going?
Walkaer (12:33:32 PM): alright I guess.
Walkaer (12:33:59 PM): a few of my classes were disappointing..but I'm really happy with one of them
amlevy47 (12:34:28 PM): are you living in the dorms?
Walkaer (12:34:30 PM): (Statistics is too easy and boring, my Religion and English classes are okay, and my Comp Sci class is hard, but great :-))
Walkaer (12:34:30 PM): yeah
Walkaer (12:34:32 PM): I am
amlevy47 (12:34:40 PM): how is that going?
Walkaer (12:35:13 PM): good. I've made friends, but lately I've been in my room a lot working on my computer (working hard on my resume/website).
Walkaer (12:35:18 PM): I plan to go out now again.
amlevy47 (12:35:29 PM): hehe
amlevy47 (12:35:32 PM): well good
amlevy47 (12:35:47 PM): i personally think it was a very good dream
Walkaer (12:36:04 PM): heh I'll say -- usually they aren't as packed w/ emotion.
amlevy47 (12:36:33 PM): the past few weeks have been full of brand new experiences, i'm usre
Walkaer (12:36:43 PM): oh! I also had a watch (which I lost a few days ago) that my mom gave me -- but this might have been a previous dream. It connects w/ my dorm, that that.
Walkaer (12:36:46 PM): yeah.
amlevy47 (12:37:01 PM): lol
amlevy47 (12:37:02 PM): ok
Walkaer (12:37:31 PM): I'm sorry -- I'm getting ready for the day, and was like...where's my watch? oh, I dreamed it!
amlevy47 (12:37:45 PM): lol!
amlevy47 (12:37:48 PM): i totally understand that
Walkaer (12:37:58 PM): oh--and my room was de-tripled.
amlevy47 (12:38:01 PM): i hate waking up out of a dream that took place directly in reality
Walkaer (12:38:02 PM): ha. wishful dreaming ;-)
amlevy47 (12:38:08 PM): de-tripled?
Walkaer (12:38:17 PM): yeah. they crammed 3 of us in 2 person rooms.
Walkaer (12:38:25 PM): accepted too many freshmen this year :-P
amlevy47 (12:38:34 PM): oh, and so de-tripling would be getting rid of the third?
Walkaer (12:38:40 PM): yeah
amlevy47 (12:38:58 PM): got it
amlevy47 (12:39:02 PM): a little cramped, eh?
amlevy47 (12:39:07 PM): ;-)
Walkaer (12:39:17 PM): heh. a little. but I don't mind really.
Walkaer (12:39:36 PM): (just coming back from Japan and all, neh?) >8)
amlevy47 (12:39:42 PM): lol
Walkaer (12:39:42 PM): well I gotta get to class.
amlevy47 (12:39:47 PM): alright
Walkaer (12:39:47 PM): thanks a lot man, that was great.
amlevy47 (12:39:53 PM): you're welcome, gald to help