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Name : Jeff DeSouza
Email :
Phone : (214) 690 - 1096

Computer Skills:
Operating Systems: Windows 9x, Windows NT, DOS

Internet: Modems, Cable Modems, ethernet LANs, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, HTML, TCP/IP, Microsoft Outlook Express, FTP, WS_FTP

Programming Languages: C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Java

Office Software: Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Notepad

Digital Graphics Software: Adobe Photoshop, GIF animators, MS Paint

I am comfortable with hardware installation and troubleshooting.

Art Media Skills:
Proficiency with: graphite, charcoal, watercolor and acrylic paints, linoleum blocks (for prints), Copperplate etching (for prints), ceramics, chine cole, and computer art programs (including Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Corel Photopaint, and MS paint).

Incidentally, every image on any site of mine is created by me (including backgrounds). Click here to be taken to the art gallery.

Previous Job Experience:
April 2001 - May 2001 - Computer Technician for Reynier's French bakery
Nov. 1997 - Aug 2001 - Computer Technician for Signature Baking Co.
Nov. 1987 - Aug 2001 - Baker, Slicer, and Packager for Signature Baking Co.
Sept. 2000 - Aug 2001 - Computer Consultant

Volunteer Work:
75+ hours at the Dallas public library

*April 2000 AP Exam: Computer Science(4)
*April 2001 AP Exams: Art(5), Physics(5), Calculus AB(5)
*April 2001 Second Place Winner at Dallas Museum of Art Young Master's Exhibition
*May 2001 - Black belt in Tae Kwon Do (1st degree)
*April 2000 Texas State Junior Olympics (Tae Kwon Do) - Gold Medal
*July 2000 National Junior Olympics (Tae Kwon Do) - Bronze Medal
*June 2001 Winner of Quake 3 tournament at 2001 Dallas Anime Convention (A-Kon)

Signature Baking Co. (Oscar DeSouza)
(214) 631 - 0669

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