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Jeff DeSouza

         hm...So what could I write about myself that would be worth reading? Well I suppose I should mention that I'm 19 and a freshman at American University. I'm majoring in Computer Science, but that'll prolly change in the near future. I do consider myself an artist (in the sense that I like to create it and am still looking for some underlying truths that govern it - not to sound lofty or anything heh heh).I like to play videogames, I practice Tae Kwon do, and I'm a big fan of Anime ^_^. I'm also enjoy reading anything of the fantasy genre.

         I decided to code this game after I started learning C++, and as I learned more, the bigger the enterprise got. As I have time, I'll try to compile an alpha release, but until then, I suppose you'll just have to do with my ideas. I orginally designed this site as a sort of diary / game notebook, so I could keep everything that I was planning for the game in one place.