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About Me

Last updated : 01:54 am, 03/27/02

Actually, there's not much to report right now, I just wanted to let you guys know I'm still hanging around ;) Oh, and after talking with a few people who have come to this site before, I suppose I never made it quite clear, but yes, I was coding this game with Visual C++. Sadly, last month my hard drive crashed, taking with it most of the code which I had written. But hey, it was buggy anyway *grin*. Next time I'll do a better job.
Hey guys. Sadly, my real life has gotten too busy to keep working on this project, so it's been put on the shelf for a while. Maybe I'll dust it off during Christmas or next summer, but for now The Game that was never named will have to stay uncompiled :(.
Gods section created, Classes updated.
PIF and Soren have been assigned to Alderak, welcome guys =D. John has been moved to Clouton.
Lavastene Dartangari has been assigned Lisandre River Area (Connects Bodon to Elisandre). This also includes Merindelle Forest and the Nadum Mountains. Bhatman has been assigned to Clouton.
World maps updated. New landmarks added. Sector descriptions added.
Template documentation converted to html file and color coded. Much easier to read now.
Maps page has been updated : template class documentation has been added as well as instructions on how to create the city of your dreams. ;)
Hey guys, I'm making this site so that all of you can stay updated with the game (whose tentative title is Walkaer's Dominion).