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About Me

The world is populated with five altogether different races:

Human - a fairly well-rounded race with no great strengths and no great weaknesses. Humans make up the majority of the merchant population.

Dwarf - a small and sturdy race, but strong. Many Dwarves choose they way of the axe. They hail from their subterranean metropolis of Bodon.

Elf - Tall and slight of build, the Elves are well known for their proficiency with the bow and arrow. They aren't bad with magics either. Their city is Elisandre.

Behemoth - Huge and muscular, almost all denizens of this race choose the way of the sword, for they seem suited to little else. This people comes from the harsh climate of the Rakkan Desert and Alderak is their home.

Ka'al - small and slight, this mysterious race originates from the region near the Lake of Oculum. Little is known of them, but their mastery of the various magics is well-known.