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In order to create a sector (city area type place)

1) Draw a map - this doesn't need to be with boxes or on the computer (pencil is just fine). This is to give you a good idea of what the city will look like and would be like a bird's eye view of the city.

2) Box a map - this is dividing up your map into rooms.

3) Label a map - this means putting names to places. Also any sort of command other than N,S,E,W,NE,SE,SW,NW,out (i.e. go ladder, climb tree, jump into river). See example image.

4) Number a map - Do this last! This is your boxed map with numbers for each room (each room needs a single number - also the room number cap is 999, though I expect each sector to have between 50 to 100 rooms. Elisandre has about 86. See example image.

AlderakThis city is home of the massive Behemoths. It is situated in the middle of the Rakkan Desert. Barren, rocky, dry, and sparsely vegetated, the region is not very hospitable. It is a convenient place for melee weapon users -- in that every melee Warrior guild is present here.
BodonThis city is home to the noble Dwarves. It is carved out of the base of the Nadum Mountains and a booming mining and smelting industry is rooted here. The River Lisandre flows from these mountains as well.
CloutonThis city is home to many, but no specific race in particular. It is the major city for trade and all craft guilds are present here. It is on the west side of the island of Dulce.
DynimsThis city is home to the industrious Humans. It is a port city, on the East side of the island of ______.
ElisandreThis city is home to the fair Elves. It is nestled in the depths of Mirendelle Forest, and is a very convenient place for magic users -- in that every Magic guild is present here.
OculumThis lake is home to the mysterious Ka'al and situated just Northwest of Elisandre.


Map of the world

Printable map of the world

Sample town map with labels

Sample town map with numbers

Code Template file (color coded)